Steph Curry Explains How 'Hyped' Draymond Green Got When Drake Name-Dropped Him In ‘Summer Sixteen’

And yeah, Curry was also practicing at the OVO Compound.

When Drake name-drops you in a song, the world takes notice.


So when Drake shouted out Draymond Green on his track "Summer Sixteen," it was a big deal for the 26-year-old forward.

Drizzy said in the song, "And I blame all my day ones / You know Chubbs like Draymond / You better off not saying nothing / Them boys they a handful ..."

Curry told Cabbie from The Sports Network (TSN), "He [Green] was hyped about that line. He was like, 'I made it.' First All-Star game and then got in a Drake song. I'm in."

Cabbie also asked Curry about the line, "Yeah, and I could really dish it out / Come and get it from the source / Fuck with all the word of mouth / Golden State running practice at my house ..."

Drake broke down the line with Rosalyn Gold-Onwude in an interview with CSN Bay Area, saying, "Steph comes and hoops at the house, he plays Jazz a lot. That was kind of where the line came from. And then I was like, 'Man you know, we gotta ball this summer, we gotta actually play, you should bring the whole squad,' and he's like, 'Alright where we might really come out and run a little scrimmage.' "

While he wasn't sure if the squad was actually going to come, he explained that he likes to foreshadow with his lyrics, like he did when he said he was going to get the key to Toronto. 

At the time, he didn't know he was going to receive it during the All-Star game from Mayor John Tory

Curry clarified with Cabbie that he did in fact play some ball at Drake's OVO Compound.

However, it was only him and his brother-in-law, not the entire squad. 

Drake didn't play with Curry, though, he just observed from the "stands" with his friends.

You never know, though, maybe the squad will practice there over the summer sometime.

You can listen to "Summer Sixteen" here and watch the full interview below. Drake's album Views From the 6 drops April 29.


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