Steph Curry Defies Basketball Logic With Insane Dribble Skills

He's on fire!

Basketball player Stephen Curry is on top of his game right now.


He made the headlines last month when he won the NBA All-Star Game 3-point contest for the fourth time, and released some FIRE shoes with Under Armour called the Curry One. 

But last night, he did something so improbable and gutsy that the Internet almost didn't know how to react. 

Let's break this move down a bit.

With the Golden State Warriors up by 10 halfway through the second half, Curry goes around a pick, but runs into a wall of defenders.

However, when you're blessed with Spiderman-like quickness, it's no big deal.

First, he swiftly dribbles through his legs as soon as he sees the defender in the way.

Then behind the back AND under Clippers player Chris Paul's arm.

What in the what!? One doesn't just crossover CP3 behind his back. 

But it happened.

To top it off, Curry then changes direction and spots up for a three.

In case you weren't counting, all of that took a grand total of JUST THREE SECONDS!

And of course he drained it.

You the real MVP, Steph!

Watch the play unfold below.


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