Stephen Curry Helped Inspire 200 Young Athletes At An All-Girls Basketball Camp

"I want to be like him, so to see him supporting girls, it's really cool."

For years, the Golden State Warriors have hosted basketball camps for boys and girls interested in the sport. This year, player Stephen Curry suggested the team should host an all-girls camp. Earlier this week, that's exactly what happened, with Curry welcoming 200 girls to the court on Monday and Tuesday.


"To have an all-girls camp, one for me, it's going to be an eye-opening experience to really truly understand the talent that's out there on the basketball court for the next generation of women that are playing the game," Curry said, according to the Associated Press

"For me, I have two daughters that are excited just to find what they're passionate about, what they're interested in," he added. "So hopefully they'll get inspired in that sense to see those girls that are a little older, a little bit more developed that enjoy playing the game and have such high skill levels."

During the camp, former WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Azzi participated in a panel of women in sports. "I think it means the world to young girls to see that caliber of NBA male is taking an interest in them. I think it's really exciting, and really it's not about gender. It's about your passion for the game," she said of the camp, according to AP.

Twelve-year-old camper Amanda Kerner, meanwhile, said that being praised by Curry for making 20 shots in two-and-a-half minutes was "the best thing in my life that ever happened," adding, "He's the best shooter in the world and I want to be like him, so to see him supporting girls, it's really cool."

"The way that this has come together, and the energy that the girls are showing, this is something that we can definitely bring every year and make it bigger and better," Curry said of the experience in a video posted by the Warriors.

The all-girls camp wasn't the only way Curry showed his support for young female athletes this month. He also invited two girls to participate in his SC30 Select Camp, which is usually reserved for the top male high school prospects around the country. 

According to the Washington Post, Azzi Fudd was the 2018 All-Met Player of the Year for girls' basketball. She was joined at Curry's camp by Cameron Brink, her roommate for the USA Basketball Women's U17 World Cup team. Fudd came out on top in the camp's three-point competition finals, and got to play against Curry and his father Dell, a former player.

"It is just so exciting for girls' basketball and women's basketball," Fudd told the Post of the opportunity. "It was a really cool experience."


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