Katie Couric Gave Stephen Colbert A Ridiculous Souvenir To Make Up For Meeting The Pope Before Him

"I think it's a sin that you get to meet him before I do!"

Katie Couric stopped by The Late Show last night to talk to host Stephen Colbert about her experience meeting Pope Francis at a recent scientific conference at the Vatican. This news made Stephen particularly jealous, because, as he points out, he's a Catholic and Katie's not. Therefore, he believes he should have had the honor first.


"I think it's a sin that you get to meet him before I do!"

Luckily, Katie predicted that Stephen might be upset with her, so she planned ahead and brought him a hilarious souvenir to make up for it — a pope bottle opener!

"It's a popener!"

Stephen seemed very amused by the gift, and by the fact that Katie had admittedly been hiding the object in her bra the whole time. The opener was unfortunately not blessed by the pope, but that didn't stop Stephen from using it to crack open a couple of beers for them to share.

"When I put it in here, this was just water!"

We'd say that more than makes up for it!


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