Stephen Colbert's Election Night Pep Talk Reminds Us What We Have In Common

"Fair warning, some of these are silly."

With his usual network CBS focused on delivering election results, Late Show host Stephen Colbert moved to Showtime for a live special on Tuesday night. As Donald Trump looked more and more likely to become the president-elect, Colbert got candid with his audience about the divisive nature of this election, sharing anecdotes about his family and childhood.

"My mother was born two days before women could vote the first time in a presidential election," he said. "I was thinking this was gonna be the time that she got what she wanted. She told me at age 92, right before she died, 'Oh, I think I would vote for Hillary this time. It's time.'"

In an attempt to keep things positive, Colbert asked us to remember some of the things we all have in common. He warned that some of them were "silly," but added that "laughter is the best medicine."

Colbert's examples of unanimous opinions included the correct way to eat a Kit Kat, the uselessness of veggie pizza, and that there are just way too many cities named Portland. "But above all, we as a nation agree that we should never, ever have another election like this one."


Watch Colbert's heartfelt comments in the video below:


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