Stephen Colbert Shares An Important PSA From Dogs About Fourth Of July Fireworks

Also known as "boom boom scary time."

As plenty of dog lovers are aware, Fourth of July fireworks can be a scary tradition for our furry friends. So, in order to help us better understand this fear, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert shared an important PSA from dogs to us, explaining why they're so afraid of what they call "boom boom scary time," and what we can do about it.

"There's a common misconception that 'boom boom scary time' bothers us because of our sensitive ears," says the dog at the center of the video. Instead, the true reason seems to be more political in nature. "We're a little on edge about North Korea."

Whatever the reason, it's important to remember that what you see as a fun tradition, dogs see as a "life or death situation." The PSA mentions a chew toy as a remedy, but Travel + Leisure also suggests keeping pups inside, stocking up on extra treats, or providing your dog with a "Thundershirt" to comfort them. If you can't stay home with them, it's also suggested that you keep them in a secure place and provide a white noise to distract them.

Fingers crossed that all goes well between man's best friend and "dog's worst friend" this Independence Day.


Watch Colbert's full PSA in the video below:


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