Stephen Colbert And Billy Eichner Work Some Halloween Magic To Help These Rescue Puppies Get Adopted

"Every single dog that we have featured has successfully been adopted."

As Jimmy Fallon proved just last week, there's nothing cuter than a dog in a Halloween costume. Fellow late-night host Stephen Colbert further proved this Monday night, when he and his guest Billy Eichner showed off some adorable rescue puppies in the hopes they'll find good homes.

"Rescue Dog Rescue" is a regular segment on The Late Show, in which Colbert and various celebrities tell a few tall tales about adoptable puppies. It's obviously worked since the host reported on last night's show that "every single dog that we have featured has successfully been adopted." 


Eichner was game to help show off this week's spooktacular group of puppies from North Shore Animal League America — even though he's allergic and couldn't hold them. But that didn't stop him from sharing some funny details about the pups while Colbert did the cuddling.

"This is Zero," he said of one dog, a hound mix. "He's dressed as a doctor, but that's just a costume. In reality, he's a high-powered class action attorney with a beautiful lake house."

And, of course, he couldn't help getting a little topical when a puppy dressed in a football uniform. "Max is a football player who fully supports a player's right to kneel during the national anthem," he said, to cheers from the audience.

For more info on how to adopt these dogs from NSALA, the largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, head over to the Late Show website.

Check out all the Halloween pups in the video below:

(H/T: HuffPost)


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