9 People Share Emotional Messages Dedicated To Those They've Once Loved And Lost

Waterfall of tears.

People are always happy to share exciting things about their life. Some new skill that they've mastered, a new country they visited, someone they met and instantly fell in love with ...

But what about the things that they've lost?

The new hard-hitting music video by Irish singer Stephanie Rainey explores exactly that.


Rainey and her video team invited nine real-life people into their studio to share stories about losing someone close.

According to her post on Facebook, Rainey was inspired to create the video by her own loss:

"A few years ago, I lost my nephew very suddenly and it was something that changed my life forever. I can still remember how it felt and I know there are so many other people who have gone through the same thing in one form or another."

So when she had the opportunity to create a music video for her song "Please Don't Go," Rainey wanted it to reflect the struggle and potentially help people who are dealing with loss and grief in their own lives.

At first, they silently pose with photographs of their late loved ones: parents, siblings, children and friends.

The mood changes when they are asked to describe how their loved ones passed away. The video also features Rainey's brother Dylan, who lost his son to meningitis right before his first birthday.

But it's the next set of questions that truly unravel everyone's feelings ...

Stephanie admits she had her doubts about the video format. Asking people to strip down their souls in front of the camera is not something you deal with every day. There were people who refused to be showcased in the video and Rainey says she completely understands.

"It was basically asking them to re-live a very difficult event and to write down how they felt. That's so hard. It was a huge ask," she told BuzzFeed.

In the second (and most gut-wrenching) part of the video, participants share how the loss of their loved one made them feel and what words they'd like to say to them if they had a chance.

They're also asked to imagine what the person would say back to them.

Watch the full video below (and be sure to have a box of tissues ready because there WILL be tears).


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