Artist Creates Floating Street Mobiles With Inspiring Messages Everyone Could Use


Imagine walking down the street and being surprised by a little positive encouragement, dangling there before your eyes.

Artist Stéphane Koyama-Meyer, a.k.a. "Traz," creates just that: gorgeous street mobile art with the "purpose of inspiring, surprising, motivating and encouraging emotions," he tells A Plus in an email.


The mobiles, with messages such as "Be The Change," "Hey Wake Up," and "Live Now," are meant to inspire one's personal growth, and are drawn from sources such as poetry, philosophy, and hip-hop. 

They are also made with eco-friendly, reclaimed materials such as metal and aluminum, which maintains their authenticity, according to Meyer.

Moreover, using repurposed materials reflects the artist's background in graffiti: "I don't like when they look immaculate and free of imperfections," he says.

For those who see his work, Meyer hopes that they are taken as an "invitation to dream." 

"My wish is to give the public a break from their daily routine and show them a positive mindset," he adds.

Meyer, born in France and currently living in Haut-Rhin, says he's inspired by street art, hand-lettering, and graphic design. He's currently working on preparing mobiles for the Room Art Fair in Madrid and more to bring to New York. 

The accomplished artist has participated in various art shows all over the world, collaborated with a street wear brand, Ambig Clothing, and presented his first solo-show at the YOUR Gallery in Switzerland in 2012. 

"This year my goal is to become more involved with communities... and build bigger mobiles, continuing then to spread positive messages," he says.

And that sounds like a welcome message.

For more of Meyer's work, visit his Instagram, Facebook, and website, and continue below.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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