A Frozen Food Brand Tweeted About Issues Facing Young People And It’s Oddly Relatable

"Be encouraged and have hope."

The internet, especially social media, can be a surprising place. Movements and trends have been born on it. What starts out as a small thing can go viral in hours. And we never know what we're going to get. A recent example of this is the surprising voice of reason coming from none other than frozen steak brand. 

Steak-umm shared a Twitter thread on the challenges young people are facing and it put into words a lot of things that people are dealing with internally — with a side order of beefy puns for good measure.


After the thread, some social media users questioned whether the brand's account had been compromised. Steak-umm confirmed that it was not hacked and it encouraged people to know that they're loved. It also addressed the viral response — while including more meaty puns.

Critics might say that Steak-umm is exploiting young people's problems in order to make a profit. Others acknowledge that it might seem random to have the Twitter thread coming from a company that sells thin-sliced frozen steak sandwiches, but they're seeing the positives in it, and responding back to show thanks and support — all while sharing their own beef puns.

Young people, especially millennials, might be criticized and have problems such as a lack of stability, stress, and a habit of avoiding the doctor.

But they are working to change things for the better for everyone.

It was recently revealed that millennials can be credited for lowering the divorce rate. Another study showed 8 in 10 millennials have acted as a designated driver when going out. And millennials plan to use their influence in the midterms. In August 2018, it was reported more than half a million of them planned to vote in November.

Steak-umm added in the Twitter comments how it's trying to do good, too. "We're a family-owned company so even though we have semi-national distribution, the people working with us still understand the importance of supporting local and those in need," and it included a link to some of the charities it supports.

The message is that everyone is stronger when they're supported and rally together. And it seems that young people definitely have Steak-umm on their side.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)

Cover image: Keith Homan / Shutterstock.com


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