Often Ridiculed For Using Handicap Facilities, Man Shows He's Not As Healthy As He Looks

Don't judge before you know the facts.

One man with Crohn's Disease was getting tired of people ridiculing him for using handicap facilities, because he looks healthy.


That's why Ste Walker took to Facebook to show the world that just because he looks fine, he faces a number of problems on the inside that makes life extremely complicated.

To start with, according to Buzzfeed, he has had 80 operations in his life and hasn't been able to drink or have any solid food in the last two years.

With his shirt on, he appears normal. However, once his shirt is removed you can see his numerous battle wounds.

He explains in further detail how the disease has a taken a heavy toll on what would be a normal digestive system in you and me.

While he didn't intend for it to become a viral moment, it's now been shared over 20,000 times. He told Buzzfeed that he has received a tremendous outpouring of support.

Our hearts go out to Ste, and we hope he can overcome the obstacles life has unfortunately thrown him.


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