26 People Hilariously Playing With Statues

Some of these are so clever.

The worst part about visiting museums is that you can't touch the pieces. Yeah, okay, maybe art is supposed to be looked at and evoke feelings internally, but it's so hard to know what to do with your hands!

Luckily, when it comes to public statues on the streets, there's no security guards to yell at you. And one Imgur album by Reddit user Kanedaj captured lots of people hilariously interacting with these carved works of art. 

Because let's face it, the statues were practically begging for human contact. Check them out below: 


1. Hammertime.

2. Cherub vs. Man.

3. Sly cash exchange.

4. Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman met someone not so friendly.

5. Even Ronald McDonald has anger issues.

6. Enjoying brews.

7. Guess there was a bat in the cave.

8. PDA.

9. Channeling Beyoncé.

10. Twins.

11. No words.

12. High five!

13. Tug-of-war?

14. Giving directions.

15. Synchronized dance.

16. Don't look.

17. On safari.

18. BFFs.

19. Opportunist.

20. Tough game.

21. Ouch.

22. Time to party.

23. Yum.

24. Her savior.

25. Rude.

26. Watch where you're going.

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