Eye-Catching Sculptures In The U.K. Are Raising Awareness For An Important Issue

It's the number one killer of men under the age of 45.

Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive material relating to depression and suicidal behaviors. If you or a loved one are in a crisis, you can reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to speak with a skilled, trained counselor who is ready to listen to you.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has launched a striking art installation in the U.K. to raise awareness about suicide.

In order to inform people about the 84 men who perish by suicide in the U.K. every week, CALM partnered with Project 84 to erect sculptures of 84 men on top of television station ITV's landmark building on London Southbank. 

So far, the project is having its desired effect: it's been picking up news coverage across the globe.


"Achieving our goal of male suicide prevention requires everybody to take a stand," Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM, said in a statement provided to A Plus. "CALM has been campaigning and providing support services for 11 years but, try as we might, it isn't enough to tackle the enormous problem of male suicide. So with Project 84, we wanted to make the scale of the situation very clear to everyone that sees the sculptures."

Photo Courtesy of CALM

ITV is also supporting the awareness campaign with programming about suicide and suicide prevention. Harry's, the male grooming brand, and the public relations agency W Communications are both contributing to the effort as well.

Photo Courtesy of CALM

The campaign launched a petition in an effort to see the U.K. parliament dedicate one person, or an agency, solely to suicide awareness and prevention, which doesn't currently exist. They're also trying to reduce the stigma around suicide and help people understand the complexity of the issue.

"Underpinning this campaign is hope," Gunning said. "Hope that by telling these stories we can all better understand the complexities of suicide and strive for change. Through Project 84, we're asking the public to take a stand with CALM against the U.K.'s single biggest killer of men under 45, and call on the government to take suicide seriously."

Cover photo courtesy CALM


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