Photographer Poses With All The Stuff Her Ex-Boyfriend Left Behind After Breaking Up

Gone daddy gone, the love is gone.

Just like every romantic relationship is unique, every breakup has quirks of its own. No wonder people develop a variety of strategies to get over their exes. Some sob to James Blunt. Others literally burn every item that has their ex's fingerprint on it.

During her own post-relationship recovery, Brooklyn-based photographer Statia Grossman decided to create a series of images titled "Shit You Left Behind."


"He broke my heart and left. He also left a lot of his shit in my apartment. I photographed it all before tossing it," Grossman writes.

According to Grossman, she knew the only way to move forward from the on-again, off-again relationship was to get rid of all the belongings her ex-boyfriend left in her apartment, while "taking pride in both the pain and the satisfaction."

Consequently, she discovered the project was about much more than just her own personal experience -- it touched on something universal.

"Soon after I began working on it, I realized how many people, both friends and strangers, men and women, were connecting with the project. It made me realize how truly universal the subject of breakups is," Grossman told A+.

"Your love."

"Your dirty laundry."

"Your not-so-shitty guitar."

The images in "Shit You Left Behind" are both poignant and funny. Some show Grossman interacting with the items in a quirky way, others speak lengths about her ex-lover's personality and reveal red flags of their unsuccessful relationship. No wonder her ex was really furious with the project at first.

"My ex was angry, really angry. He felt as if I was trying to punish him and publicly shame him. We spoke briefly a few months after I ran the project and he apologized for over reacting and I apologized for causing him any grief and we parted ways on a better note. We haven't spoken since," Grossman told A+.

Grossman said most of the items went straight to the trash, although some of them were donated to the Salvation Army, and some her boyfriend took back.

"Your addictions."

"Your MANties. Although I'm pretty sure it's my tramp stamp you'll miss more."

"Your tight hipster sweater. Hope I didn't stretch this shit out."

"How you gonna manscape now, Mr. Metrosexual?'"

"Your masked emotions."

"Your pussy. You're allergic. I get it."

"Don't worry, I'm giving this one back when I'm done with it."

"Eyes up, boys. It's the T-shirt I'm talking about."

Recently Grossman published a book "Shit You Left Behind: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Photographer Scorned" that features all the photographs from her Tumblr, as well as some of the unseen images. Needless to say, this might turn into a true testament for all the broken hearts out there.

"The perfect key for you."

To see more of Statia Grossman's work, please visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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(H/T: Beautiful/Decay)

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