This Emotional Ad Shows A Father With Alzheimer's Making Memories With His Son

This will pull at your heartstrings.

Memories are invaluable. They make us we are and they take us back to nostalgic times from our past. Memories are also something that help bond families and friends.

The significance of memories is highlighted in StarHub's heartfelt new ad. The Singaporean phone company has released a one-minute-long commercial depicting a touching father-son bonding experience between Kelvin and his father, Philip.


Bonding is particularly important to the pair because Philip has Alzheimer's.

The ad shows Kelvin and his father recreating some of Philip's favorite memories and capturing them on different devices. It is an important thing to do because people with Alzheimer's have many special memories that they do not want to forget.

You better have a box of tissues handy because the video is a tearjerker.

If the tears aren't flowing enough, there is also a director's cut version of the advertisement:

We have seen some poignant ads about father-son bonding, but this one is very touching. 

StarHub's ad was produced in association with the Alzheimer's Disease Association. It helps to raise awareness about the heartbreaking disease and calls on us to help find a cure.

Furthermore, it is a reminder to everyone about truly cherishing your time with family and friends by creating beautiful moments.

(H/T: Mashable)


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