Starbucks Announced New Initiative That Could Help Their Employees In A Huge Way

Way to step up, Starbucks.

Starbucks announced yesterday plans to pay their employees' tuition.

Yes, you read that right. The ever-popular coffee chain will shell out millions of dollars to their new "College Plan" so their team members can graduate essentially debt-free. The stipulation is that applicants must attend Arizona State University, but online degree programs are available.

A spokesperson told E! News that Starbucks hopes to help at least 25,000 people graduate by 2025. 

Here's how it works: Each Starbucks employee can apply to the scholarship program for free when they fill out their FAFSA form for student aid. The scholarship will then cover tuition in full as well as cover out-of-pocket costs the student will have. 

I checked out ASU's tuition calculator to find out how much of my bill Starbucks would foot if I were an employee. 


I input that I would enroll in a fall semester as an non-state resident, Undergrad journalism major, online.

Then a chart came up detailing how much I would pay for each credit.

Students usually take about 15 credits a semester, which for my case, would run Starbucks $7,200 a semester, $14,400 year and for the full four years $57,600. With over 151,000 employees as of 2014, that could add up. 

According to NBC however, ASU will give their own scholarships to the applicants, only requiring the chain to foot up 58 percent. Students can also qualify for separate aid like Pell Grants.

Still, with revenue in the billions, and the number of students going into debt rising, it's a noble move to make for employees. 

Good job, Starbucks, we'll take a grande diploma please!


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