The Men Of 'Star Wars' Had The Best Reaction To Someone Cutting Women Out Of The Movie

"I'll just add ..."

The top three highest-grossing movies at the domestic box office last year had female leads, and at the top of that list was Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As is (unfortunately) to be expected, not everyone was happy about the movie's empowering depiction of female characters. Someone even went so far as to edit them out.


Pedestrian reports that an anonymous user recently uploaded their own illegal cut of The Last Jedi to The Pirate Bay. This new version is called "The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit," a self-proclaimed "chauvinist cut" that edits out the "Girlz Powah and other silly stuff."

According to Pedestrian, this edit removes shots of female pilots and officers, as well as completely erasing Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Holdo. The Huffington Post adds that the cut also kills off Carrie Fisher's General Leia, and minimizes Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Captain Phasma's (Gwendoline Christie) power in their fight scenes.

If you're wondering how long this edit turned out to be, the answer is 46 minutes, which says a lot about how vital female characters are to the franchise's latest installment. Of course, plenty of people shared their reactions to the sexist cut on Twitter, including critic Priscilla Page, who could only laugh.

Several of the movie's key players took inspiration from Page in their own response to the news, with director Rian Johnson tweeting, "Priscilla hits all the major points here but I'll just add," followed by a little extra laughter of his own. 

Luke Skywalker himself (Mark Hamill) then chimed in, adding several dozen cry-laugh emojis. And finally, John Boyega (who plays Finn in the film) made a "final point" of his own. "Good talk, everyone. I'm glad we hashed this out," Johnson said in conclusion.

As one Twitter user pointed out, "If you remove all the women from The Last Jedi, then the First Order would win. I guess that makes sense considering the sort of person who would edit The Last Jedi to remove all the women."

We'll keep our "Girlz Powah," thank you very much.

(H/T: Mashable)

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