YouTube Star Pulls Off Amazing Star Wars Jedi Prank

The force is strong with this one.

It's safe to say people are excited about the new "Star Wars" movie. The YouTube trailer for "The Force Awakens" has more than 71 million views, and, as of mid-November, the movie had already sold $50 million worth of advance tickets.

But some people are taking their excitement a step further. Take YouTube star MagicofRahat, for example. He isn't just being a fan of Star Wars, he's living the life of a Jedi. He even mastered some real-life Jedi skills.

OK, well, not exactly. But that is certainly what it seems like if you happened to be sitting at a local hot dog shop when Rahat comes in for his order. Using a team of friends, he manages to create the illusion that he actually has some of the Jedis' most coveted skills. 


Just take a look for yourself:


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