The 'Star Wars' Cast Left Their Lightsabers At Home And Battled With Compliments Instead

"You are the sun and planets around you."

We admit that it's hilarious when Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but having celebrities read compliments to each other just leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. Teen Vogue had the Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast do exactly that and, we have to admit, even though it's cheesy, the force is strong with this video.


"In my dream last night, you played Indiana Jones and you were so good it scared me and Harrison has nothin' on you," Kelly Marie Tran says, a tweet someone wrote about John Boyega. Now we just want to see Boyega starring in the next Indiana Jones movie.

Pretty much all of the compliments were really sweet. That said, it really depended on the tone in which the messages were delivered. For instance, one Mark Hamill read to Laura Dern and one Domhnall Gleeson read to Daisy Ridley gave us mixed results based on the delivery.

"You are the sun and planets around you," Hamill lovingly reads in regards to what someone wrote about Dern. "He thinks not just the world of you, he thinks the universe of you."

"Daisy Ridley is a work of art all by herself," Gleeson reads, directing the tweet at Ridley and making things super awkward with some really intense eye contact.

When it came to Boyega and Tran — our favorite duo of the group (and the most entertaining, by far) — the two soon came to a realization: Tran was getting really deep compliments and those directed at Boyega were, well, a bit "thirsty."

"We see you! And thank you for putting yourself out there to be seen," Boyega reads to Tran, with a tweet clearly aimed at how she honors her Vietnamese heritage. On the flip side, one directed at him simply read, "Sleeping Beauty, is that you?"

All jokes aside, what people had to say about these actors and actresses from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is seriously the sweetest. Sometimes all you need is a compliment to brighten your day.

Watch the "Star Wars" cast have a battle of compliments here:


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