Ever Overheard An Anti-Muslim Conversation? Watch What Happens When You Interrupt.

"We won't stay silent. And you shouldn't either."

The notorious "See Something, Say Something" slogan from the early '00s is getting a makeover. A new video by the Stand Against Bigotry campaign is urging the public to call out anti-Muslim bigotry around them in an effort to fight back against the increasing backlash against Muslims, particularly in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis and the terror attacks in parts of Europe. 

The video shows people shutting down discriminatory comments against Muslims and tasteless jokes about Baghdad and bombs. It urges viewers to not just be against bigotry in theory, but to call it out when it happens.

"[Anti-Muslim] rhetoric isn't just deeply un-American — it's dangerous. We've seen that hateful rhetoric can lead to physical violence and intimidation," the campaign website reads. "We won't tolerate those who inflame anti-Muslim bigotry and we won't stay silent. You shouldn't either. Whether it's in a presidential campaign or a personal conversation, we're asking all Americans to stand up and call out hateful and offensive anti-Muslim rhetoric. Make it clear that you believe all people, regardless of faith, have a place in our nation and that you're willing to speak up for that principle."


The original "See Something, Say Something" slogan, launched after the 9/11 attacks, was controversial. Many argued it increased the targeting of marginalized communities. Encouraging untrained citizens to report unattended items or activity that seemed suspicious — a subjective and vague term in itself — was a counterterrorism initiative that enlisted the public's help, but it was also used to justify prejudice and bigotry.


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