Film Shows The Emotional Transformation Of Students At An All-Girls School

St. Ursula Academy girls are smart, strong, and spirited.

St. Ursula Academy is an all-girls college prep school in Toledo, Ohio.


The school, which was founded in 1854, teaches grades 6 to 12. Of their students, they write that "St. Ursula Academy girls are smart, strong, and spirited. At St. Ursula Academy it's not just equal opportunity - it's EVERY opportunity!" 

What struck us about St. Ursula Academy, however, was this video created by their sophomore class.

The class of 2017 put together an uncomplicated but powerful and effective film that reflects some of the anxiety that accompanies going to a new school, especially a college prep.

It reflects the kinds of emotions that everyone feels when they are heading into a new environment.

It's always worth reviewing these feelings as they can help us better understand what people might be going through at any given time, whether at a school or a workplace.

In short, it's a simple piece of honest media that reveals the emotional boundaries shared by all people: men and women, young and old.

These young women are definitely smart, strong, and spirited. 

Watch it here.

Congratulations to St. Ursula Academy's sophomore class on making such a fine film. You can view their other class videos on their YouTube channel.

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