Smart Collars Are Here, And Your Dog Is Going To Need One

"Buddy" is the future of dog ownership.

Dog ownership just met the 21st century, and your life might get a lot easier.

In an effort to improve the experience and safety of your pet, the pet supply company Squeaker has unveiled a prototype for an LED dog collar called Buddy. 


Buddy is equipped with bluetooth and GPS technology. It's goal, as explained by the creators, is multi-faceted. On one hand, they want to help make people competent caretakers even though most can't spend all the time they'd like with their pets. 

They did this by installing a health and activity monitor. "Think FitBit for your dog," their Kickstarter says. You can monitor calories burned, sleep and steps, and you can compare or set goals with other dogs. On top of that, you can follow their food intake and pair it with reminders to feed them, or scan through stats about how much of the food their burning off through activity. 

It has a social platform, too.

Whether you're trying to introduce your dog to other pups or just see how its activity fairs comparatively, there is now an app for that, too. 

Most importantly, this app keeps your dog safer.

The GPS technology on Buddy is dynamic and useful.

You can draw out perimeters around an area you want your dog to stay in, and if he or she leaves the perimeter, you'll get a notification. 

If you're at work and your pet is home, Buddy can tell you whether your dog is hot, cold, moving around or sleeping. And when it comes to appearance, Buddy's most distinguishable factor comes out: the LED collar.

With a variety of programmable light displays, the Buddy collar is eye-catching in a way that can keep your dog safe from cars and easily spottable in a crowded area. At first look, this prototype definitely seems like it could be the future of dog safety and dog ownership.

The best part? You don't have to change the collar or charge it every day. It has a 14-day lifespan and as long as you're on WiFi can be accessed through your smart phone or tablet. What do you think? Would you get this for your dog? Let us know in the comments. 

Check out their Kickstarter:

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