New App Will Make You Read Way Faster Than You Did Before

An amazing development for speed reading.

Being able to read fast is an asset most people would like to have. It can save time, money and get you through that book you've always wanted to finish.

But now there may be a shortcut worth trying: the SpeedRead with Spritz App, which is available for iPhone and Android. The app processes articles or books you're reading and then spits them out word by word so you don't have to move your eyes or turn the page. Simply read the words that come up as they appear.

That's not the amazing part, though. The amazing part is just how much in improves the speed at which you can read. An average person reads at about 200 words per minute, with a 60 percent reading comprehension being typical. When you first try Spritzer, though, they start you out at about 250 words per minute. And it's shockingly easy. 


Here is a Tech Crunch vid showing how it looks (go to :45 to see the demo):

When you start using Spritz, it may seem a little fast. But as you increase your speed to something like 300 or 400 words per minute, you'll go back to what you started with and be blown away by how slow it seems. That's the beauty of the app, which can currently be used for things like web browsing, email reading or other apps like Pocket. 

Check out their website to see a demo, and keep finding ways to improve how you can absorb information and educate yourself!


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