The Way This Hotel Wakes Up Spring Breakers Is Every '90s Kid's Dream

It's the circle of lifeeeeeee!

Every '90s kid knows the song "Circle of Life" from the movie "The Lion King," and a group of lucky spring breakers who stay at the Panama City Beach, Florida Holiday Inn get to wake up to it every day during their stay. 

According to PEOPLE, the hotel plays the song for their college-aged guests every morning at 11 a.m.

And when they hear the opening "Nants ingonyama balithi Ba-ba" lyrics, it's go time.


The hungover college kids slowly emerge from their lion dens, er, hotel rooms.

And sing the song in unison.

It would probably be more beautiful if the students didn't have to wake up "early" for it. But anything "The Lion King"-related is totally worth it.

Party on, spring breakers!


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