Spotify Created The Perfect Post-Presidency Job For Obama

When Obama calls, even in jest, there'll be answer.

President Obama will leave office this month with a trail of broken hearts in his wake. In his final year, Obama's popularity has soared in part because the nation has never before had a president that oozed such easy pop cultural appeal, most clearly demonstrated in his taste in good music. 


Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The Obamas, for example, have invited a bevy of influential rappers and musicians to perform at the White House, including the entire Hamilton musical cast. They hosted the South by South Lawn festival, headlined by the Lumineers and Sharon and the Dap Kings. Obama is known to burst into song, whether in mourning or in playful jest. And last year, with the release of his stellar summer playlists on Spotify, Obama effectively sealed his reputation as the coolest Commander-in-Chief to ever serve the country.

In an Instagram post last week, Natalia Brzezinski, the wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Mark Brzezinski, recalled a conversation with Obama in which he said that visiting them in Sweden was his favorite trip. "He also declared," she continued, "'I'm still waiting for my job at Spotify... Cuz' I know y'all loved my playlist.'" 

In response to Obama's quip, Spotify created a New York-based position, appropriately titled "President of Playlists," tailor-made for him. Among the position's responsibilities include providing "world-class leadership" to playlist curators; "identify and substantiate new playlist ideas, e.g. from a playlist for shooting hoops with your friends, to the perfect warm up playlist for addressing the nation about health care legislation that bears your name"; and "attend daily briefings" about intelligence regarding data and performance of playlists. 

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek tweeted out the link for the job application to Obama. "Hey @BarackObama, I heard you were interested in a role at Spotify. Have you seen this one?" he wrote.

Lest anyone think this is a position they'd be even remotely qualified for, Spotify made it clear that it is a job meant only for a singular figure — one with "at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation," who has had Kendrick Lamar perform at their birthday bash, and "someone with good team spirit, excellent work ethic, a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize."

At the time of writing, Obama has yet to publicly respond to the job opening. 

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