Despite The Distance, This Couple's Lives Run Parallel. The Result Is Beautiful.

A modern love story.

"Splitscreen: A Love Story" shows a picture of what love looks like today.


In the compelling, quirky narrative written by director James W. Griffith, we are introduced to the lives of two people — one living in New York, the other in Paris. 

These two people are in a long-distance relationship.

We see the parallels of their daily rituals — coffee, newspapers, subways — and although the unseen couple does not participate in them together, they are still slices of life they somehow share.

The film was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 phone.

It's an understated, sweet look at the way people can be close, despite geographical distance.

For more from James W. Griffiths, please check him out on Vimeo or his website.

(H/T: Tres Court)

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