LGBTQ Gamers Got A Meaningful Surprise In The New Spider-Man Video Game

"I had to stop and appreciate this moment."

Many video game players are praising the new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 for allowing you to swing through the streets of New York City and take selfies from the top of the Empire State Building. But there's a different surprise that is winning over LGBTQ players.


Writer Saladin Ahmed went viral on Twitter with a tweet showcasing that there are Pride flags scattered about the game's Big Apple-inspired map, and talked what it meant to him and other LGBTQ people.

"Thinking about all the 12-year-old kids who will be playing this game and seeing this in towns where it's not safe to put that flag up," his tweets read. "[N]ot saying that it's some radical move, but just as someone who came up 30 years ago playing Spider-Man video games with boys who constantly hurled homophobic insults at each other IRL this is...different."

Ryan Benno, an environment artist at Insomniac Games who worked on the Marvel title, replied to Ahmed, writing: "Representation is so important. It's something we wanted to put in this game, even in a small way like this."

Clearly what Benno had to say is true, as many have been praising the simple-yet-impactful addition to the PlayStation game. It's the same feeling people likely had when protestors wore the Pride flag in Russia during the World Cup, when celebrities celebrate the Pride flag in the spotlight, or when the Pride flag is used to fight homophobia.

Like Ahmed, other players have shown screenshots of the Pride flags within the game and voiced their opinion about what it means to them to have seen it in this addition to pop culture.

Some folks are even going as far as changing Spider-Man's name to "sPRIDErman" and we, for one, are here for it. Web on, gamers!


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