Researchers Had Artificial Intelligence Create An Explosive Game. Literally.

Some of the games were so unique and dangerous they had to start over.

A design firm has announced the details of the first game ever created by artificial intelligence.

Speedgate, as the design firm AKQA is calling it, blends several sports together: rugby, ultimate Frisbee, soccer and croquet, according to The Washington Post. Teams have six players and score by kicking a ball through gates. Players can also advance the ball by passing with their hands below the waist, as in rugby.


"One thing we love is that it fosters teamwork," Whitney Jenkins, AKQA's creative director, told The Washington Post. "In a great basketball game, LeBron could steal the ball and take over the whole game, but in Speedgate that's not possible. You have to have teammates to pass to, and scoring is enhanced when there's teamwork."

The artificial intelligence created Speedgate after the AKQA team gave it details on 400 sports. Early on, artificial intelligence spat out some shockingly dangerous and surprisingly unique ideas, according to The Washington Post. In one, racers would run a relay while exploding Frisbee was thrown at them. In another, players would walk a tightrope before two hot-air-balloons and throw balls back and forth to each other. One idea was an alteration on rugby that included obstacles on the filed. 

There were other bizarre quirks in Speedgate, too. Instead of traditional acts of sportsmanship, like trading jerseys, AKQA said the artificial intelligence created a pre-game ceremony where each team cuts off the tops of the gates you score in and exchange them before play starts. The artificial intelligence also spat out an official motto: "Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball."

According to Engadget, the sport was created for Design Week. Now, though, AKQA is asking the Oregon Sports Authority to recognize Speedgate as a legitimate sport and perhaps start and intramural summer league. The Washington Post says it may be the first sport ever created by something other than humans. 

"We utilized AI as a member of our creative team," Kathryn Webb, the head of AKQA's AI team, told the paper. "We have a lot of things that didn't make the cut that didn't match our criteria. These are really just an expression of the creativity of artificial intelligence and things that made us rethink the very nature of sport."


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