Teacher Leaves $1 Million In Her Will. All Of It Went To Special Needs Students.

She taught for 45 years.

Dumont Public Schools in New Jersey were recently surprised with an incredible $1 million check, courtesy of former teacher Genevieve Via Cava.

Via Cava taught special needs students for an incredible 45 years, and even after she retired in 1990, she continued to visit the schools to see the students, and helped some secure jobs after high school.

USA Today reports that Dumont Public Schools superintendent Emanuele Triggiano remembers that about 10 years ago, Via Cava told him she had amassed a decent amount of money and she was going to donate it. He laughed at the time, but it turns out that Via Cava stayed true to her word.


Via Cava sadly passed away in 2011 at the age of 89. She had no children or immediate family of her own and chose to leave behind her savings to help benefit students with learning disabilities. 

The Independent reported that because of "some bureaucratic red tape" the school district had no idea the money was coming until April 2018.

"I wasn't surprised that she was going to be donating something," Triggiano told the New York Times, "The surprise was the amount of money she sent to us."

The money will be going to good use. Scholarships will be available beginning with spring 2019's high school graduates. Reports say that the amount will depend on how much interest is generated by the $1 million donation, but there are plans that a maximum amount of $25,000 will be given per student. If the scholarship is able to grow, further ones will be given.

In addition to helping students, attorney April Savoye revealed that Via Cava also left $100,000 each to five organizations including the Salvation Army and Ramapo Animal Refuge.

(H/T: CNN)

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