Watch The Ingenious Way This Dad Makes Breakfast And Playtime With His Son 'Super' Fun

He puts the "special effects" in special quality time.


In a world where every parent thinks their kid is super, one dad dared to set the internet on (special effect) fire with his son's heroic viral internet videos. That dad is Daniel Hashimoto — DreamWorks employee by day, superhero son creator by night. Using Adobe After Effects on his computer, he transforms normal iPhone videos of his son into feats of superhuman strength and skill.

From blasting lasers to battling sharks, there's nothing Hashimoto's son James can't do, with a little help from his imaginative dad, of course. "Each project is inspired by playtime with my son," Hashimoto told BabyCenter Blog. "He'll make believe something and I think to myself — I'd love to show him really doing those things." 

Hashimoto was first introduced to the unique creative powers of special effects in ninth grade, when he was first began making funny videos with his friends using Adobe After Effects. Since then, he's not only developed his repertoire culminating in his series Action Movie Kid, but a devoted fan base of more than 700,000 YouTube channel subscribers. Originally, however, the YouTube videos were only intended for James' grandparents who didn't have Facebook accounts, the first place Hashimoto began posting his videos. Three years later, the popularity of their videos has exploded — not unlike the wall in this video. 

Though Hashimoto was never expecting this level of internet notoriety, he's thankful that it's provided another way to bond with his son and bring other families together, as well. "I always thought that the videos would be pretty funny to a larger audience, but I was imagining friends, and friends of friends watching them," he told the publication. "I'm really happy that my videos of my son get to be part of this new creative sphere." 

Hashimoto plans to continue to film as many of his son's action-packed adventures as long as James is happy to star in them. Does that mean we'll one day see an Action Movie Man saga? Only time will tell.


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