This Guy Wants To Send Passengers Positive Vibes, So He Dances On The Tarmac

And it's awesome.

We all know that feeling where we board a plane, buckle our seatbelts, and sit on the tarmac for way too long — wondering if you're ever going to get to your destination. But recently, in a video uploaded to Facebook, one passenger spotted a Southwest Airlines employee working on the tarmac and putting on a show that's sure to make passengers smile. 

"So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks!" country singer Terry McBride captioned on the now-viral Facebook video. In it, employee Kyran Ashford — who's worked at Greater Rochester International Airport for five years now — makes his way down the tarmac, dancing and showing off his best moves while holding his bright orange traffic control batons. 


Why does Ashford do this? According to ABC News, he hopes it gives "at least one passenger '30 seconds of positive vibes,' " but we're pretty sure he's reaching a few more passengers than that.

McBride's video, which has now reached more than 5.5 million views, is flooded with positive comments and laughs. "This would make my day," one person writes. 

"That was so refreshing," another adds. 

At the very end of his dance performance, Ashford appropriately stops, takes a bow, waves, and smiles. Now that's how you wish someone a happy vacation.

Check it out in the video below:


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