Flight Attendants Found Out It's This Little Girl's Birthday, So They Went Above And Beyond

Happy Birthday, Mazzy!

While flying back home to Pittsburgh from vacation in Tampa, Florida, a little girl named Mazzy got a birthday surprise in the sky.  

Mazzy's mom, Brein Bjorson Marzano, had told the flight attendants that it was Mazzy's birthday, thinking she'd get a little wing pin at most. The 4-year-old has Spina bifida and is paralyzed from the chest down, which makes traveling extremely difficult.

But the Southwest Airlines crew and passengers surprised her with so much more.

The flight attendants made everyone shut the windows and turn on the reading lights to make the plane look like a cake with candles. They fashioned a tiara out of pretzels and a birthday cake out of toilet paper.

Marzano posted the video of the birthday festivities to the Southwest Airlines Facebook page to express her gratitude.

"The coolest thing ever!" Marzano wrote. "We cannot begin to thank you and your crew enough for going above and beyond! 

As for Mazzy? Her mom said she loved it: 

"I said 'was that the coolest thing?' and she said 'ever in mine whole life!'"


Happy Birthday, Mazzy! Now blow out those windows, er, candles!


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