Florida High School Protests Gun Violence In Solidarity With Parkland Students

"It could have happened to us."

Two days after a gunman opened fire and killed 17 people at a Parkland, Fla. high school just a couple dozen miles away, students at South Broward High School were done staying silent. Beginning Friday morning, students from the school walked out of their classes and assembled in protest of gun violence and to show their support for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community. Nearly 100 students participated sporadically in the demonstration and called for legislation to protect their schools from lawmakers in whose elections they aren't yet old enough to participate.

Per Palm Beach Post, the student organizers were inspired by the survivors of the tragic shooting on Feb. 14th who continue to speak out. 

"We just want some time of reform. We want some attention," Adelson, a ninth-grader at the school, told the publication. "It could have happened to us ... We just want to do as much as we can."

Per HuffPost, the students held signs reading "You are responsible!" and "Justice for Douglas!" and "Protect the kids!" Student Sara Rodriguez said she believes adults have failed to protect students across the country.

"They don't pay attention to our voice and we're really tired of staying silent," she said. "We are the future. We're trying to make it but we can't do it if they're not listening."

In the days following the tragedy, as politicians continued to debate whether now is an appropriate time to take on gun reform legislation, several students from Douglas High School have demanded action

"We can't ignore the issues of gun control that this tragedy raises," junior Cameron Kasky told CNN. "And so, I'm asking - no, demanding - we take action now. Why? Because at the end of the day the students at my school felt one shared experience — that our politicians had abandoned us by failing to keep assault weapons out of our school."


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