Powerful Video Shows People Of All Ages Sharing The Things They Want Their Moms To Know

We're not crying! You're crying!


If you could meet your mother when she was your age, what would you tell her?

The team behind YouTube channel SoulPancake asked people of all ages (even a 105-year-old!) this question in a recent video. OK, we know it would be kind of weird to meet your mom when you're both the same age, but it would also be pretty cool. 

"I'd say 'I'm 7 and you're my mom!' She'd say, 'What? I do not know you," a 7-year-old girl remarked. She also admits that she thinks she'd be much cuter than her mom. 

Other responders took a different approach. Some people would use the opportunity to learn more about their mothers' childhood, interests, and personality. Others wanted to take the time to tell their moms about their futures, how important they are, and the great job they did raising them. 

Regardless of their age, each responder made one thing obvious: Moms deserve a reminder of our love and appreciation. 

Here are some of our favorite responses:

"What's your favorite color? What's your personality?" an 8-year-old boy said.

“Thank you and I love her. And, it’s OK to be scared, but not to be worried because she’s a really great mom,” a 28-year-old woman said.

"I would talk to her about what to expect from her idiot son," said a 38-year-old man.

“Most of everything you told me was correct,” a 70-year-old man said.

"I would tell her that I was so proud of her because I don't know that she heard that enough," a 32-year-old woman said.

What would you tell your mom? Let us know in the comments!


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