This Social Experiment Is Proof Similarities Can't Always Be Seen Or Heard

We all have more in common than we realize.

Of course, many of us know it's not right to judge anyone by their appearance, but sometimes we forget that we also mustn't judge a person by their story. In the latest installment of SoulPancake's Reverse Assumptions series — in which two strangers sit back to back for a blind conversation before revealing themselves to each other — we witness this truth play out. 


This social experiment shows how important it is to get to know someone for who they are instead of making assumptions based on superficial or external factors. In the past, the series has proven that unlikely people can become BFFs, and that even a 67-year-old man can be a rap star

In this video, two sets of strangers learn about each other in a back-to-back conversation, but little did they know how much in common they have with one another. For one pair, they find out that their backgrounds are nearly identical despite their different life details. The other pair was also surprised at their similarities, particularly their similar fashion sense. 

Watch the reveals in the video above.


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