Kids And Adults Reveal How They Know If Someone Is Telling The Truth And Offer Useful Tips

How do you know?

Figuring out whether or not something is true takes intuition, sound judgement, and, sometimes, a Google search. Even if you don't consider yourself gullible, it's possible to be duped by a lie or a hoax — it happens to everyone, young or old. In the latest episode of SoulPancake's 0-100 series, people of all ages share how they discern truth. 


In the video, participants explain how they determine if something is true. For the most part, people trust their gut. Even the youngest participants said they used their intuition and attention to body language to help them know if someone was lying to them.

"If they take a really long time [to respond to a question], then you know they're going to say something that's a lie," explained an 8-year-old boy.

It's a similar sensibility of people more than nine times his age.

"If they can't look me in the eye, or they are searching for an answer or a way to convince me of their answer, they're lying," said a 73-year-old woman.

It goes to show that our instinct will lead us to the truth every time. It also proves how important it is to be truthful with one another. There can't be trust if there is no truth. 

Check out how others respond in the video above.


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