Woman Creates Virtual Panic Attack To Let Others Know They're Not Alone

Just breathe.

Is your heart racing? Has your blood pressure spiked so high the arteries in your neck feel like they're strangling you from the inside? Do you find it hard to breathe and impossible to speak? Does it feel like you're about to die any second? If so, congratulations: you're having a panic attack

A panic attack is a sudden and overwhelming sense of anxiety. They can be triggered by stressful situations, but they can also come out of nowhere. Panic attacks typically subside after half an hour, but they are incredibly scary and it's easy to feel lonely afterward, as if nobody else could understand how you feel. 

No matter how isolating these experiences can be, it's important to remember that other people do know how it feels.

YouTube channel Soul Pancake uploaded a video called A Virtual Panic Attack to drive home that very point.



The video begins by explaining how chronic anxiety and panic disorders differ from the everyday stress that everyone experiences from time to time. 

The tone takes a turn as she explains what it feels like to slip into a panic attack. She describes in detail how her body betrays her, as she gets consumed by her body's "fight or flight" response and succumbs to worry.

It's an important glimpse into a very vulnerable moment and is worth watching for anyone who doesn't know what a panic attack is like. For those who are all too familiar with these episodes, it also offers invaluable words of hope and compassion.

Experience the panic attack here: 

Have you experienced panic attacks? What are some ways that help you calm down?

Cover image: Soul Pancake


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