Here's What A Teenager Wants Her Future Daughter To Know

"Keep good eye contact. Make sure you hear when people are quiet."

Artist and filmmaker Sonia Mandeville has teamed up with feel-good YouTube channel SoulPancake to produce creative stop-motion videos. In her most recent one, Sonia wrote a heartwarming letter to her future daughter, giving her advice on life, love, and self-acceptance. 


"Know that one day the amount you love, and the amount you're loved, will be found in a balance."

"Some people will look at you like you're the sun, and others will not."

"If you scrape your knees, find beauty in the colors you bleed."

"Surround yourself with good people who will not only leave their hearts on their sleeves, but on yours."

"Don't be afraid of falling. Fall all the time. Just remember how to get back up."

You can watch the whole beautiful video below:


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