When She Went Into Labor, She Didn't Go To The Hospital Right Away. She Went To The Polling Station First.

"Every single one of your votes matter."

Everyone can spare a few moments today to vote in what is one of the most important elections. Mom-to-be Soshy Adelstein showed that there was nothing going to stop her from performing her civic duty, not even going into labor. 


Adelstein went into labor a few days earlier than anticipated on Nov. 4. Instead of booking it to the hospital, she went to her local polling station.

The Boulder, Colorado resident and her husband, Max Brandel, were able to take advantage of the area's early voting laws by casting their votes at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office.

Approximately 14 hours after voting, they welcomed daughter Bella Rose Brandel into the world on Nov. 5.

Aldenstein told CBS Denver this was actually her first time voting, and that she felt compelled to vote in this election because she and her husband are both small business owners and know how important each vote is. They are both voting for Hillary Clinton because their views do not align with Donald Trump's. The couple said, "Every single one of your votes matter. More important now than ever. Go vote."

Brandel elaborated to the Huffington Post about how important their decision is for their daughter, "It is very important to us that we bring our daughter into a world and country we are proud of."

Find your polling place, and go out and vote today. No excuses! 

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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