'We Are Not Our Stereotypes' Photo Series Reveals The Sides Of Sororities And Fraternities You Don't Know About

"My friendships are priceless."

"People in Greek life pay for their friends."

Sound familiar? That statement is one of the many stereotypes that have plagued sorority and fraternity members for ages, in addition to the negative stories written about them in the media.

Kayleigh Dumas, a senior at York College in York, Pennsylvania and a sorority sister herself, wanted people to know that those stories don't represent all of Greek life, so she created the "We Are Not Our Stereotypes" campaign to get the word out. 

"I wanted to highlight the great individuals that also happen to be Greek, we as a community are incredibly motivated, bright individuals," she told A Plus in an email. "And somehow that gets stripped down as soon as we wear letters."

With the help of some members of Greek life on campus, and a few of her sisters, she was able to photograph the sorority and fraternity members in two ways: one photograph holding a common stereotype that they face and the second with the truth. She uploaded the images to a Facebook album, which has been shared over 800 times.

"This campaign is a photographic protest against the stereotypes that we have been saddled with regardless of there being any truth to back them up," she said.

We'll let these 24 Greeks speak for themselves:


All photos courtesy of Kayleigh Dumas.


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