Here's How Ridiculously Funny You'd Sound If You Actually Took Your Mom's Advice

"I'm so excited to sleep with you. But can you tell me the date of your last STD test and show me the results?"

It probably hasn't been too long since your mom dropped some sage advice in the middle of a (likely reluctant) conversation about your love life or job hunt. But while she may have been the coolest cat back in her day, today, as your mother, her advice may not sound that hip when applied to real-life situations. 

In a video released in time for Mother's Day — but is actually perfect for any time of the year — NYC-based comedy duo soren & jolles (Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles) show us how wacky we'd sound if we actually took our moms' advice. 

It draws inspiration from their own mothers' "loving, motherly but not always realistic advice," Soren told A Plus. "There is just something very funny about your mother confidently telling you a piece of advice that is objectively a great piece of advice, but not always the most practical." 


Soren added that despite the sometimes-unrealistic advice moms dish, "most of the time ... it is coming from such a place of love and a clear point of view that you really want to hear your mother out even if you think it won't be that helpful to you."

Watch the full video here:


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