Adorable Time Lapse Of A Puppy Growing Into A Big Dog In 23 Seconds

It's like hitting fast forward.

YouTuber Greg Coffin documented the growth of his Rhodesian Ridgeback named Sophia in an adorable 23-second time lapse video.

Titled "Sophia Grows", the video shows 2-month old puppy growing into a graceful, intelligent 3-year-old hound. However, Greg's behind-the-scene footage proves Sophia's playfulness hasn't gone anywhere over the years.


"This is a pet project we've been working on for 3 years, that's finally completed. It's been amazing watch our little lady grow from a little burrito to the beautiful beast she is today," Greg wrote on Facebook.

Sophia definitely deserves a treat for being such a good sport about it!

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(H/T: Incredible Things)

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