This Beauty Blogger Has Learned To Love Her Natural Features — Here's How

"Love yourself."

Stephanie Villa, aka "SoothingSista," is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer who's learned to embrace her natural looks.

In a recent video for Refinery29, Villa, dressed in dark lipstick, bold eyebrows, and rocking long, multicolored locks, discusses bullying, beauty, social media, and learning to love her individuality. 


Specifically, Villa explains how she learned to love her eyes. When she was younger, she found it hard to embrace her eye shape, because it was different from what the media she was exposed to depicted as "beautiful."

"Later on in my life I really learned to embrace my eyes because I think my eyes are beautiful... and that is the great thing about social media [today, that] a young girl who doesn't really see anyone that she can relate to in traditional media can go onto YouTube and see a girl who looks like her," Villa says in the video.

During her interview, Villa wipes away her makeup, including her lipstick and eyeshadow, to reveal her most natural self. 

Her confidence is contagious.

"I would tell any girl out there to embrace your natural features, love yourself, be kind to others, and that's all that really matters."

Be sure to watch the full video below and read more on Villa's blog, "Soothing Sista."


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