14-Year-Old Covers A Pop Hit In This Endangered Language To Promote It And It's Actually Working

Oh wow.

Meet Renata Flores Rivera.


She might be just 14 years old, but this Peruvian teen already has some serious talent.

Just a couple weeks ago she released a brilliant cover of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" adding her own twist to it. But first and foremost, the song serves as an important reminder.

Let us explain. 

The track was actually performed in Quechua, an indigenous language today spoken by 8 million people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. It used to be the language of the Inca empire before they were concurred by the Spanish in the 16th century, and it is now losing its popularity with each and every generation.

To remind everyone of the beautiful, but endangered language spoken by her ancestors, Rivera paid a tribute to it by covering the pop classic.

The cover, in fact, comes as part of  the "Young people also speak Quechua" initiative, Konbini reports

It's symbolic that the video was shot in Vilcashuamán, a site that's considered to be the "architectual jewel" of the Inca empire.

She sings the first notes...

... and we're in love with both her voice and the sound of Quechua language already.

The video of Michael Jackson's cover was released just a couple of weeks ago, but it has been watched 800.000 times on YouTube already. 

The 14-year-old herself is surprised by such an overwhelming response but is happy to be part of the initiative promoting an endagegroud language,  The Libreprensa reports.

Make sure to watch the entire video below.

Get it, girl.

(H/T: Konbini)


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