Son Sings Touching Last Song To Mom With Alzheimer's

Nothing says "I love you" like a song.

Sometimes, all that's left to do is sing.

Joe Fraley watched his 69-year-old mother, Judy, fall into the clutches of Alzheimer's disease. A retired college professor, Judy used to be her son's biggest fan, but as the disease progressed over two years, she could barely recognize her own son.

So Fraley decided to play his mom a song, and for two minutes everything was all right. 

Unfortunately, it was the last song Fraley played for his mother, who shortly thereafter moved into an assisted living facility. 

In a Reddit post, Fraley explained:

I recently stopped bringing my guitar to my Mom's home because she no longer recognizes me and doesn't respond to it anymore. I wish I would have a played a lot more to her when she did. This was when she lived with my Dad and I at home.

As for the song, Fraley says it was just something he "was working on at the time." And while he hasn't recorded it in a studio yet, he does plan on making an album in his mom's honor.

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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