He Sent His Mom a Cardboard Cutout of Himself While Studying Abroad, But What She Did With It Was Even Funnier

Cool Mom Status: Achieved.

Many parents miss their kids when they go off to college, especially if they choose to spend a semester studying abroad. While they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," a cardboard cutout of yourself helps, too. 

At least, that was the hope of Dalton Ross, a senior at Belmont University, who jokingly sent his mom a cardboard cutout of his likeness while studying abroad in London. 

Ross told A Plus, "I just thought sending a life-size cutout of me unannounced to my mom would give my family a laugh." The cutout was accompanied by a simple note: "You're welcome."

He added, "I thought maybe they'd put it in the living room corner until I got back to remember I exist." But his mom, Susan Talley, had something much better in mind. 


Talley loved the unexpected addition to her family so much, she decided to go on "lots of adventures with this Dalton while the real one is in Europe." She sent the resulting pictures to her human son, who uploaded them to Imgur

Like any loving mother, she's been taking good care of her proxy son:

She set him up on a date with a nice girl for Valentine's Day.

She kept him entertained with a fitting bedtime story.

She made sure he got some fresh air and exercise.

She took him to the doctor so he wouldn't miss his annual check-up.

She kept him well-fed.

She encouraged him to spend some quality time with his sister.

She bonded with him while cheering on his brother at a basketball game.

She let him have his friends over for a little party.

And she even saved him a basket full of Easter goodies for when he returns home.


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