Son Does Mom's Makeup While Discussing His Coming Out Journey With Her

"I just want to make you proud."

Every person in the LGBTQ community has a different experience with coming out, but telling their parents can be an incredibly nerve-wracking part of their journey. For a makeup artist named Steven, telling his mom that he's gay remains a positive memory. 

In a video for The Scene, Steven does his mother's makeup while discussing coming out to his family and borrowing his mom's cosmetics. When he first came out to her, she was doing her own makeup. "I was just sitting there for a couple minutes watching and you stopped from doing your makeup, and you looked at me and were like, 'why are you so quiet?'" Steven said. "And I told you that I was gay." 


After he came out to his mom, she went to the grocery store and bought him a mascara. The gesture was one that showed him that she accepted him for who he is, but was also a hint for him to stop taking her makeup. "Sometimes, I'd look for it and I couldn't even find it," his mom said about her mascara. "I'd go to his book bag and he had it in there. I said, 'Here, that's yours. This is mine.'" The pair bonded over makeup ever since. 

Steven was bullied at school, but his mom was always supportive. She taught him to be resilient and made sure he understood that there's nothing wrong with him. Even though neither of them personally knew anyone else who was gay, Steven's mom made him feel normal and confident in his own skin

"I just want to make you proud. I just want to make the person who taught me to be this resilient, this brave, this strong, and this confident — to show you that your work wasn't done for no reason. You've done an amazing job," he said. "I love you, mom." 

As his mom fights back tears and thanks him for being her son, Steven reminds her not to cry because she's wearing eyeliner. "You're so cute," he says. 


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