After His Missing Mother Was Found, Son Posts Precious Videos Of Him Brushing Her Hair

“My mom has officially turned me into her hair stylist.”

Ralph Udeaja is no hairstylist, but when it comes to his mom, Gloria Ofoha, 56, he'll be her anything to make her smile.  Udeaja, 27, is devoted to taking care of his mother who went missing a couple months ago after being discharged from the hospital. 

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Ofoha, who suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, wandered away from the hospital before her son arrived to pick her up. Udeaja used the power of social media to help find her, and was lucky to have her home in just  two days. 

"When I found her I could tell she had been homeless since she left the hospital," Udeaja told Yahoo. "She hadn't taken a bath and her hair was very rough and tangled."

The mother and son reunion was celebrated in a September 22 post where Udeaja was shown washing his mother's hair. "I had to bathe her because she was too weak to bathe herself," the son said.  "And then I had to make sure that I washed her hair well." 

The 27-year-old had no intention of going viral, he told A Plus that the only reason he posted the video was to let his family and friends know that his mother was safe and sound. "I posted the video to let friends and family know that she was doing well and it turned out that everyone loved it," Udeaja said of his video going viral. "I think people love it because, as children, we don't appreciate our elderly ones or parents as much as we need to. [...] We should celebrate them more often." The kind selfless act was captioned, "Had to give my mom that Ralph spa treatment ... still can't believe she's back home. God is good!" 


More recently, on November 17, Udeaja posted another video of him doing his mom's hair, and it has also since gone viral. 

"My mom has officially turned me into her hair stylist," Udeaja captioned his post. "From almost near-death to seeing her recover everyday [sic] ... I love this woman to death."

Udeaja is very close to his mother despite not having been able to grow up with her.  Ofoha had been living in her home country Nigeria until six months ago when she arrived in America to be near her son.  "For the most part of my growing up, I never got to live with her," he told A Plus. 

Even still, his love for his mother was unbreakable. During the years they were far apart, Udeaja made sure to send his mother money to take care of her personal needs and also made visits whenever he could.

Now, with her living with him, Udeaja understands his mother in ways he never has before. "It wasn't until my mom arrived in America that our bond became much stronger," Udeaja told A Plus. "Due to her mental health, dealing with someone [who is] bipolar is like [having] a box of chocolate, you never know what to expect [each] day. But I always know to remain positive and resilient when dealing with her." 

Though it isn't always easy to care for someone who struggles with their mental health, Udeaja takes it all in stride.  "I love just taking care of her," he said. "Life doesn't seem complete [without] me knowing she's in a comfortable place and that I've done everything I can to make her happy. I feel like God has given me extra strength to be able to take care of her and I'm graciously happy for that. I would not want to put her in a mental home because all she needs is a vibrant and lively person like her son."

Udeaja's post is more than just a precious moment, the video also helps shed light on the ways mental health can affect us, and how the simplest things like brushing hair can be a monumental task. For that reason, it's so important to have a support system like Udeaja is to his mom. For others who have loved ones who suffer with depression, Udeaja offers some advice: "Dealing with someone with depression is very hard because they are always down, so it's your job to be lively, and to try to elevate their spirit and soul. [...] Try to engage them and monitor them every day, and never neglect them." Even if you are unable to care for that loved one yourself, Udeaja advises, that you make sure the care provider "has a positive vibe."

Udeaja and Ofoha aren't the only mother and son duo who bond over pampering.  In a recent video from The Scene, a makeup artist named Steven does his mother's makeup as they talk about how their love for makeup helped make them grow closer. It's incredible the things that bring families together. As long as you're spending quality time with each other, the love is always there.

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