15-Year-Old Contortionist And 'America's Got Talent' Finalist Wows On 'Ellen'

"There's nothing natural about that flexibility."

"There's nothing natural about that flexibility," Ellen DeGeneres says to Sofie Dossi, a 15-year-old contortionist, following her performance on The Ellen Show.

Dossi, a finalist on America's Got Talent this year, took to DeGeneres' stage to perform an incredible routine, featuring a finale in which she bends her legs over her head while shooting a flaming bow and arrow at a target. Later, she tells DeGeneres it's a trick she learned on YouTube.

"My dad and I went and got a bow and arrow, and I started practicing it in my front yard," Dossi explains.

"I bet your neighbors didn't really walk their dogs in that area," DeGeneres adds, smiling.

Overall, Dossi's performance and interview on The Ellen Show is proof that, we can accomplish even our most incredible goals if we set our minds to it. 


Check out Dossi's full appearance below:


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