Through A Chance Encounter, She Went From Working As A Maid To Being The Face Of Dior

She didn't even think she was beautiful.

While some hard working teen models with a famous pedigree, such as Romeo Beckham and Lily-Rose Depp, are making strides in the fashion industry...


There are other teen models making it, like Sofia Mechetner, who didn't quite have the same type of footing growing up.

That's because Sofia's mom isn't a famous actress or even famous at all. Her mom, Ksenia Mechenter-Sinenko, was a Russian immigrant and divorcee working in Israel, making about $200 per week, as she explained to The Daily Mail.

Due to the situation, Sofia, 14, often found herself caring for her siblings and working the odd jobs with her mom to help put food on the table. She also had to sleep on a broken bed.

While that would soon change, Sofia never even thought she was beautiful or cut out to be a model, as she told The Jerusalem Post. She said, straightforwardly, "Prior to this, I didn't even think I was beautiful."

As The Jerusalem Post explains, Sofia's mom often received questions as to whether her daughter, who stood 5'8" played basketball or modeled.

Therefore, even with no modeling experience, she decided to take her daughter to a local Tel Aviv modeling agency, Roberto.

They signed Sofia on the spot, but there was still quite a journey ahead of her.

Accompanied by Rotem Gur, the CEO of Roberto, the duo set off to Paris to land a gig.

At first, Sofia was deemed too young and they turned her away.

However, since this was Sofia's first time in Paris, Gur took the young model to the Christian Dior store on the famous Avenue de Montaigne.

While there, Gur spotted Dior's chief designer Raf Simons, according to The Daily Mail and asked for a picture.

This is when things began getting crazy.

As The Daily Mail continues to explain, a few weeks later the model was contacted by the Dior offices, offering her a two year contract worth nearly $200,000.

And they wanted her to walk for Dior at Paris Fashion Week.

As The Jerusalem Times pointed out, she was also the first model to hit the floor in the Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 collection.

Because of her age, she is accompanied by a chaperone at all times and she also plans on finishing school.

As for the money and her family? Sofia told The Jerusalem Post, "I just put it on the table and they can use it."


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